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Tenerife Tacoronte, wine, excursions and country Tenerife


Tacoronte: good wine and villas in tenerife

The municipality of Tacoronte is situated in the north east of the island of Tenerife and the Canary Islands belongs to the province West of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Predominantly rural, the territory of the municipality extends to 30kmq by the volcanic peak of Mount Teide, in the direction of the Atlantic coast, at an altitude of 800m above sea level and is an ideal area for villas in Tenerife.

The majority of farms and farm houses are located here as well as the famous vineyards that produce the famous wine Tacoronte Acentejo.

Among the cities in Tenerife, Tacoronte is ideal for rural holidays in the Canary Islands, perhaps on a farm, to the Guanches and the famous wine Tacoronte Acentejo

Among the cities in Tenerife, Tacoronte is ideal for rural holidays in the Canary Islands, perhaps on a farm, to the Guanches and the famous wine Tacoronte Acentejo


The population of Tacoronte is 23.615ab. (Source: INE Jan. 2010), is 784.81ab/kmq distributed over an area of ​​30.09 square kilometers.

Where is Tacoronte

The town of Tacoronte is bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and La Matanza de Acentejo, to the east with San Cristóbal de La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the North West by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north with the ocean and San Cristóbal de La Laguna, south-west borders El Sauzal and Tacoronte South El Sauzal and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Links to the ‘airport Tenerife North

Tacoronte is 4km from ‘Tenerife North Airport and about 15Km from the capital Santa Cruz.

The center is linked with the TF5 Motorway and the old highway that connects Icod de Los Vinos and the capital.

Distances Tenerife

  • Tenerife North Airport is only 5km
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife is located 18km
  • La Laguna is 9km away
  • El Sauzal is located 3km
  • The capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife 18km
  • Puerto de la Cruz is situated 17km
  • Candelaria is located at 28km
  • La Esperanza (El Rosario) is 9km away
  • Los Cristianos (Arona) is located 87km
  • The Parque Nacional Las Canadas del Teide is at 45km
  • Puerto de la Cruz is located at 39km
  • Wine tacoronte, agricultural production and the new economy

Most municipal area is characterized by agricultural land, with excellent production of grapes and wine, although the current population has been converted to tourism and city life, this character is still not as marked as was the case for other parts and city ​​of the island such as those of South Tenerife and La Orotava and in this discovers Tacoronte who will appreciate the flavor of an authentic rural holiday in the Canary Islands.

Today, the main activities are tourism and business.

Sebastian Machado and Guanches in Tacoronte

The place name is of Tacoronte Cheeks and is thought to derive from the word “Tagoror,” which means “meeting place for the elderly.” Territory of Tacoronte consists of an ancient menceyato of the Guanches.

At the end of the Spanish conquest of Tenerife, Tacoronte area was ruled in succession by the Portuguese Sebastián Machado, founder of the center of Tacoronte around the hermitage of Santa Catalina that he himself had built. In later centuries the center grew up to rise to the “rank” of the town hall in 1911, Alfonso XIII.

In local speech inhabitants are known as “tacoronteros.”

Today Tacoronte has schools, lyceums, a gymnasium, churches, a post office and village squares.

Tenerife Playas in Tacoronte

We have seen that the vocation of the territory of Tacoronte is definitely linked to tourism, rural and farm holidays, however we can not but mention the municipality of Playas Tenerife:

  • The Fuentecilla (Tagoro)
  • Playa “The Arena” (Mesa del Mar)
  • Playa El Pris

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