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Chasna is the ancient name of Vilaflor

Vilaflor is a municipality in the Canary Islands in 1500 and originally situated in the center of the South ‘island of Tenerife , an ideal place to discover the authentic rural tourism in the Canary Islands .

Vilaflor is one of the few municipalities on the island of Tenerife not to overlook the sea, on the other hand its territory is very charming and fascinating for all those who love nature, the practice of “senderismo” (walks along the paths), or in its numerous trekking routes, ideal for rural tourism Canary Islands ;

the territory of this municipality extends valleys with meadows, farmland and forests in the central portion to the North East to Teide.

Panorama ideale per una vacanza rurale  a Tenerife Vilaflor - Chasna - Santa Cruz - isola di Tenerife

Panorama ideale per una vacanza rurale a Vilaflor – Chasna – Santa Cruz – isola di Tenerife

Introduction to Geography

Vilaflor de Chasna also has the higher center of the whole island (although La Orotava is the municipality that owns the Teide with its 3.718mt), the minimum altitude of this area is 1000m above sea level, is located in the center and 1.400mt the highest portion at 1600mt.

The municipality has a total area of ​​Vilaflor 56Kmq to 1798ab. surveyed in 2003 (the density per square km is therefore about 31ab) is bordered to the north by La Orotava, to the south with Arona, south east with San Miguel de Abona, and to the east with Granadilla de Abona.
How to get to Vilaflor

The connections and the existing road network in place, allow you to get to Vilaflor in an easy manner , the distance between the center of the Municipality Sofia Rejna from Tenerife South airport is about 25 km, while the distance to the capital Santa Cruz is about 90Km.

The streets that come to Vilaflor are the Autopista TF-1, TF-S1 that leads to Playa de Las Americas and the TF-38 which leads to Arona.
A bit of history and San José de Betancourt

Formed around 1500, in 1626 was the birthplace of the saint, Pedro de San José de Betancourt , who distinguished himself in the world when he became a priest; San José de Betancourt made ​​his mission of evangelization in Cuba and Honduras and then stop permanently in Guatemala; here the disease made ​​him more deeply shared the misery of the poor sick.

Left San José de Betancourt and returning to Vilaflor, this was historically the scene of conflicts between lords fought for land and its exploitation.

An area of the municipality also testifies to the pre-Hispanic origin of Vilaflor, giving birth to works of ceramics and tabonas (objects dotted with stone), typical artifacts used in the networks by the Guanches (the core of the indigenous inhabitants of the Canary Islands ).
Spend their holidays in Vilaflor

This portion of the ‘island of Tenerife has a great value from the point of view of nature ; spend the holidays in Vilaflor allows the opportunity to explore the many trails (senderismo), and practicing trekking in the Canary Islands ; while Vilaflor holidays allow you to enjoy always the extraordinary climate of the Canary Islands all year round with a wealth of important waters, here are the major industries of pouring of water throughout Tenerife and here are also produced excellent wines (especially white ones).

Gioco del Palo a Vilaflor - Eredità Guanchi - Chasna - Santa Cruz - Isola di Tenerife

Gioco del Palo a Vilaflor – Eredità Guanchi – Chasna – Santa Cruz – Isola di Tenerife

Visits to Vilaflor

Once on holiday here, in addition to the enchanting touch with nature, the possibility exists to make visits to the Casa de Los Soler, the Water Mill and the Convent Bethlemita, and of course the most important church to visit for those who decide to do holidays in Vilaflor: the Iglesia de San Pedro .

The opportunities to make the visits to Vilaflor are numerous, given the rural nature of the holidays and in contact with nature, however, there are special moments in which visits to Vilaflor become particularly suggestive: these are the moments related to the traditions and festivities Canary most typical, the moments in which this place is celebrated religious events, festivals and festivities (romerias) ;

among the many holidays we suggest visits to Vilaflor for:

  • July 23 to 25 – Fiesta de Santiago Apostle
  • 26 to 28 August – visits to the Pilgrimage of San Agustin and San Roque.

For those who engage in Vilaflor holidays or just more tourist visits to the nearby towns include some elements typical of the place, such as the game of the pole (inheritance of the Guanches), lifting the plows (showdown), traditional dances and the typical gastronomy of Vilaflor.

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