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Arafo Tenerife


Arafo district and private homes for holiday in Tenerife

Arafo Tenerife is a municipality Canaria, located on the eastern coast of the island, the territory of Arafo is bordered to the north by the municipality of Candelaria, on the south by that of Guimar and to the west with La Orotava, while the East has the coastline bathed by ‘Atlantic Ocean and affected by holidays in Arafo.

The extension of Arafo is almost 34Kmq, while its inhabitants are about 5,500 with a density of 161.7 inhabitants per square km approximately, the resort is located at an altitude of 470m above sea level.

The municipality of Arafo has schools, a few gym, schools, bars, churches, beaches and squares, eg. Plaza de San Juan Degollado where there is the ancient “temple” (the old photo below).

Antiguo templete in Arafo Tenerife municipality on the east coast of the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islandsntale dell isola di Tenerife alle Canarie

Antiguo templete in Arafo Tenerife ancient municipality on the east coast of the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands

Links to Arafo

The country of Arafo is placed at a distance of 47.5 km from Tenerife South airport (about 35 ‘by car Googlemap source routes) and at a distance of 27.7 km from the capital Santa Cruz (about 26’ by car, the source itineraries Googlemap).

Territory and center of Arafo are well served by the existing road network thanks to the connections offered by both the old road Abona-Santa Cruz, thanks to the presence of ‘Autopista Sur, TF1 motorway, the ease of connections Arafo is also a useful support for the tourism in freedom, with rental car to explore the island and for the private homes of holiday in Tenerife.

Economics and history of Arafo Tenerife

This town in the Western province of Santa Cruz, has an economy based primarily on business, tourism ( holiday in Arafo Tenerife on its coast and private holiday homes in Tenerife island) and on the agriculture, although in limited form, as even historically, its origin is uncertain (source documents dating back to 11/29/1504 cards), but it certainly appears that instead Arafo area of transhumance was Aboriginal or area devoted to sheep by the original core of its inhabitants, before the arrival of the Spanish colonizers.

Origin of the name Arafo

The name of this village is traced back to the original historical core of Arafo, precisely to the area of El Aserradero and Perdomo (source: the writings of public writers of the period between 1573 and 1850).

Holidays in Arafo private homes and holiday in Tenerife

The tourism and holidays in Arafo, are both spread around its main seaside resorts, including in the list of Tenerife Playas , which in the inland areas and panoramic Along this stretch of coast is Playa de la Viuda with its coastal road and Playa del Socorro , but it is good to say that the kind of vacation in Arafo is quite different from that of the south of the island and the lively Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje and Puerto Colon, because here in Arafo the greatest potential for tourism are linked renting private holiday homes in Tenerife , to take advantage of all the year the extraordinary climate of the Canaries , and the turn-over of tourists to this area is obviously low, with less environmental impact but obviously with a number of facilities available to the ‘ tourism industry minimum.

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