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Sports and cycling on the island of Lanzarote

Tours on two wheels in Lanzarote

Experience cycling Lanzarote, a truly inspiring combination, for athletes, amateur and prof;

The island is known as the black pearl of the Atlantic, in obvious reason nor the presence of volcanoes which through its eruptive activity, over thousands of years have created an area covered with a widespread distribution of lava formations.

The sport is exciting and cross Lanzarote Lanzarote is equivalent to a crossing of a lunar territory, this is the best definition you can give the island orographically characterized by a prevalence of hilly areas.

Cycling in Lanzarote also because of the notoriously benevolent climate Canario, has a long-standing tradition, of course along with other sports that find the ideal situation for their practice (windsurfing, kite surfing, running race).

Sports, bycicle touring and  cycling on the island of Lanzarote

Sports, bycicle touring and cycling on the island of Lanzarote

Road bikes and mountain bikes are evenly spread among practitioners sport of cycling, the sensitivity of the local bodies could not be so insensitive to the need to allow tourists and practitioners of the sport on the island to find the facilities necessary , so close to the possibility of hiring equipment and facilities there is also a bike path that connects the resort Puerto del Carmen Arrecife.

There are of course due to the nature of the island and the attentive state of preservation and protection of the same (apart from sport, do not forget that Lanzarote is part of the World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO), lots of opportunities to go beyond the good roads paved sections along steep, dirt roads and off the track.

Cycling in Lanzarote – A group of cycling enthusiasts Canary tail during a climb

The suggested itineraries in Lanzarote, are basically four, the first of which indicated an audience of beginners or those who do not have adequate preparation, the second and third are more suitable for those who still have a reasonable level of training, finally, the ‘ last character is indicated for those who are best prepared.

Suggested itineraries for cycling Lanzarote

Route 1 – easy level – length of about 32 km – from Matagorda in Lanzarote – up to 345m. slm

It is a little challenging path that starts from Puerto del Carmen through the interior of the island and the foundation Manrique, type of roads paved, so also ideal for traveling with a bike. Please note that the entrance to the foundation requires a payment and once you reach your destination in Teguise on some days there is a chance to watch the market.

Route 2 – intermediate level – length. about 56 km – from Matagorda in Lanzarote – up to 345m. slm

This route has the same points of departure and arrival, has a level of increasing difficulty with respect to the previous year. Also in this case the roads are so in excellent condition, well paved, and their journey is therefore recommended to those who are lovers of bicycle racing. Another characteristic element of this type of route is the fact that wanders along the coast allowing to enjoy the maritime landscape for those who so desire.

Itin. 3 – Intermediate – length. about 42 km – from Matagorda Playa Papagayo – up to 185m. slm

This itinerary starts from Puerto del Carmen leads up the south end of the island that is in playa Blanca. Developing along paths that originate mainly indicates the distance with the use of bicycles mountain bike. The arrival in Playa Papagayo will repay the effort in reaching one of the most famous and beautiful beaches on the whole island and beyond.

Itin. 4 – Advanced Level – length of about 42 km – from Yaiza to Caleta de Famara – up to 345m. slm

This route more challenging then given to those who have a higher level of preparation meanders through parks and volcanoes, passing through the protected area of ​​Timanfaya. This type of itinerary is given to those who have off-road bikes because there is a prevalence of dirt roads.

The proposals outlined are certainly lower the many possible paths offered by cycling Lanzarote, but also seize these ideas to take advantage of opportunities to rent a bike in Lanzarote and spend an active holiday and healthy.

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