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Arrecife city


Arrecife is the capital city and home to the airport in Lanzarote

Arrecife is a city in canaria lanzarote , the Atlantic Ocean lies to the east and southeast of the city of Arrecife, while the mountains are located to the north and the hills to the west along with the farmland that dominate the remaining part of the municipality.

The main industries of Arrecife are: agriculture, business and tourism.

The capital of Arrecife city on the island of Lanzarote and 'important center and seat of' Lanzarote Airport

The capital of Arrecife on the island of Lanzarote and ‘important center and seat of’ Lanzarote Airport

In recent years the development of tourism has meant that take root in the city building a new impetus with the creation of even high tall buildings, especially along the coast, an example of all it is the tallest building in the Canary Islands that located right here in Arrecife Gran Hotel Arrecife, located just across the harbor.

The suburbs of Arrecife, are located up inside them are:

  • Titerroy
  • Valterra
  • Altavista
  • Argana
  • La Vega
  • San Francisco Javier
  • Maneje
  • El Mercadillo, original meeting point

The town of Arrecife is located at altitude of 2m above the sea level and is lapped by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean;

the waterfront city is very impressive and in addition to understanding the famous Playa El Reducto , it also includes a nice walk to go to the Castle of San Miguel or to start in the heart of the city de la Calle Real.

The historic center of Arrecife includes a number of monuments worthy of mention and best described in the specific item, such as El Mercadillo .

Lanzarote international airport lay on the territory of the town of Arrecife.

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The main industries of Arrecife are: agriculture, business and tourism.

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