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Arrecife beaches to live holidays in Lanzarote


Knowing the beaches in Arrecife on Lanzarote

Sull ‘island of Lanzarote there are a multitude of volcanoes, as well as a wide assortment of beaches scattered along the coast, also on that of the capital, in fact, the beaches in Arrecife are as important as belonging to the capital of Lanzarote , the area of the island lodge where most of the 58,156 inhabitants (source Ine January 2010) .

Evenings in Lanzarote further then holidays on the Arrecife beaches

For people who cares about evenings in Lanzarote further then holidays on the Arrecife’s beaches

Here is a short list of Arrecife beaches: La Concha Beach

The La Concha Beach is also known as La Charca beach or Arencibia, the beach is located at the urbanization called La Concha, located on the outskirts of the center of the capital Arrecife .

The La Concha Beach is well equipped and consists of both public showers that of parking available to the tourism Arrecife .

The infrastructure also includes the presence of accommodation units spread around the Paseo Maritimo where tourists can enjoy various dining offers.

The beach is characterized by the presence of natural fine sand of golden color and the waters are calm so suitable for swimming, the overall length is about 250m to about 10m deep on average.

El Reducto Beach

Beach of El Reducto can be defined as the best beach in the capital ;

la playa which is about 500m long and a width of about 45m, is characterized by the presence of fine white sand, is to be recommended even as it enjoys calm waters, to be noted that it is a beach model ta from the hand of man with artificial sand .

The beach of El Reducto also has good infrastructure and excellent services, El Reducto in fact there is a Paseo Maritimo (promenade), characterized by good urban design, then there are food services, kiosks (beach bars), with beach services showers and changing rooms and the beach is easily reached by bus service (guagua).

El Cable Beach

The Cable Beach is a beach located in correspondence of the same urbanization, El Cable beach is a windy beach and has a sea is not rough, the medium wave .

The beach of Playa El Cable is naturally made up of white sand and covers a length of more than 300m, an average width of about 18m, sometimes it should be noted that it is subject to pollution.

If you or planned holiday in Lanzarote and do not want to miss the opportunities offered by the city in terms of proposals for evenings in Lanzarote or discos in Lanzarote , consider that there is also the possibility of comfortable beaches in Arrecife .

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