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Arrecife Airport



Arrecife airport is a modern airport in Lanzarote island

The Arrecife airport, at the border of the city capital of the island is the airport of Lanzarote, just 5km far from the island’s capital Arrecife, within the boundaries of the municipality of San Bartolomé and Tias .

The origin of the airport of Lanzarote can be dated to 1936 , a period in which he expressed the need to connect with Lanzarote Seville, and since then the airport underwent various modifications to modernization that led him gradually to become the day March 3, 1970, open to national and international civil air traffic , and since 1999, expanded with a new passenger terminal of adequate capacity to accommodate 6 million passengers a year. The new building contains several accesses, parking of vehicles and a modern control tower.

The existing terminals are now two, the Terminal 2 reserved for internal connections with the other Canary Islands and the Terminal 1 reserved for international and domestic flights .

The greater flow of traffic comes from Northern Europe and particularly the United Kingdom and Germany, the target markets of the archipelago.

Data about Lanzarote airport

Address: Arrecife de Lanzarote, Apto de Correos 86, zip code 35500, Phone: 0034928846001
IATA airport code: ACE
Total passengers per year: 5.6 million people
Ranking among Spanish airports: 9th place for trafficking in persons

In the last seven years the airport has established a growing trend in place since 1997 , when quota exceeded 4m passengers;

in 2009 that number grew to 4,701,480 passengers for a total of 42,914 flights (official source Aena, Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea).

From the last official communications and to allow a further increase in traffic, the airport of Lanzarote, extends from last March 27, 2011, their hours of operation up to 2.00 hours of the night and starting from 7.00 am as usual .

Arrecife airport, one modern international Lanzarote airport at Canary

Arrecife airport, the international Lanzarote airport at Canary

Airport Services Airport Arrecife

Many companies offer a multitude of services related to internal flown to the Canary Islands and other countries and between these services, surely a leading role is reserved for car rental companies;

in this regard we remind you that you have very competitive prices for your every need during your stay; we should also be noted that the various car rental companies are located within the airport terminals, so very convenient for the taking-up and delivery of vehicles.

Bus (guaguas) from Arrecife Airport Terminal

There are two bus lines that arrive at the airport of Lanzarote, which connect respectively with Arrecife and important tourist destinations of the island of Lanzarote.

Please note that the airport is also a museum that welcomes visitors from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00 and allows free or guided visits to your internal reference number to arrange guided tours, is as follows: 0034928 846 360.

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