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Diving in La Palma


La Palma and its precious marine wildlife

The island of La Palma welcomes a variety animal very attractive and therefore is an ideal destination for passionates of diving and offers various sites and center for scuba diving (buceo centers);

in the depths of their environments by purely rocky seabed, in fact, meet many different species which are certainly able to attract many fans of diving;

this consideration is appropriate even not considering the actual number of visitors to these waters, partly also very little known to the public;

to get the idea of ​​the marine variety of this corner of the Atlantic Ocean is worth mentioning animals such as sea urchins, bivalves (eg oysters) or gastropods (such as sea slugs), and cephalopods (such as polyps).

There are famous places for diving in La Palma island in the Canary Islands

The island of Palma in the western Canary Islands offers a variety of spots for practice of diving

Numerous opportunities’ for lovers of diving in La Palma

However, for fans of diving you can also get in touch with starfish, seaweed, shellfish, such as lobster, shrimp, crabs, corals, but also (though small), sponges and anemones also to finish, in this regard we report the presence of two dive centers in the eastern part of the island, within easy reach of the resort Los Cancajos (Buceo Sub La Palma and La Palma Tauchsport) within a few minutes by bus (every half hour) from the capital Santa Cruz de La Palma but also from the airport, with an average distance of about ten minutes.

Another center is reportable in Puerto Naos , in the west of the island (Tauchpartner La Palma).

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