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La Gomera Island


Triumph of nature Canarian island of La Gomera

The island of La Gomera, being included in the western part of the Canary Islands as El Hierro and La Palma is also part of the province of the Canary Islands west of Santa Cruz de Tenerife .

Population and territory

The surface of the island is of 352kmq (the sixth largest in the archipelago and one of El Hierro) for a population total of just under 30,000 inhabitants, of which about 6600 are resident in the most important urban center, San Sebastian de la Gomera .

Significant for the uneven profile is accentuated topography, especially in relation to the extension overall, we think that in fact the highest peak in the Garajonay , is close to the 1500m and falls into the same National Park .
The park is Garajonay UNESCO World Heritage

It was declared a national park in 1981 and lies at the heart of the island for over 40 sq km, almost every municipality; Garajonay is renowned for being one of the best places for observation for two species of endemic columbidi (Laurel and pigeon bubbles).

Mountain and park gained its name from loving Race and Jonay damned Guanches , whose history is reminiscent of that most famous of Romeo and Juliet, the existence of the park is also very important to the overall economy and to support the tourist “ecologist “island; it is covered for about 70% of its total surface by Lauri ( laurel ) and is characterized by abundant presence of water with various sources and multiple courses of water at the base of the existence of a vegetation really bursting and lush, unusual this far south, which calls other geological eras (Cenozoic), almost absent in southern Europe due to climate disruptions.

The National Park of Garajonay a la Gomera island

The National Park of Garajonay in la Gomera is part of Unesco Heritage since 1986

The National Park Garajonay which is in an area free of eruptions for almost 2m of years, has been carved over millennia by the work of patient and water erosion and is the ideal place for lovers of trekking in the Canary Islands , being able to charm with breathtaking scenery, green valleys and deep ravines to walk down to the sea, scenarios enhanced by the presence of palm trees, houses and cliffs overlooking the ocean, enchanting even the few beaches, cozy coves of black sand of volcanic origin, lapped by crystal clear water.

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The island has a small airport (airport code GMZ) located about 34 km from the capital of San Sebastian de la Gomera , in the south of the island and you will come across a fork in the road TF-713 (San Sebastian – Playa de Santiago – Alajeró). The airport operates almost exclusively internal connections to the islands through the local company Binter Canarias.

As a good island can not miss to maritime traffic and the provision of ports , of which the main one is the capital San Sebastián from which ferries sail to Santa Cruz de la Palma, Puerto de la Estaca El Hierro and Los Cristianos in Tenerife .
Canary Islands holidays and traditions in La Gomera

On the island are very much alive in religious celebrations and festivities (Romerías)

La Gomera has a lifestyle very quiet, typical of the agricultural economies where man has intervened in a sober and hard to seize land to nature by creating agricultural landscapes of extraordinary beauty with terraces on slopes or rough;

no coincidence that the island of La Gomera has received an important recognition: “The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism “, an initiative aimed at safeguarding service offerings including areas within highly natural, because nature here is truly untouched;

rhythm and style shine through even the traditions and in this regard it is significant to mention the existence (or survival) of a language typical of pastoral origin, the language of whistles here known as Silbo Gomero .

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