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Wine routes – Canary Islands


Wine routes of Canary Islands directly by the producers of wine

During your stay in Gran Canaria you will experience the pleasure Wine routes Canary Islands traveling the wine roads, reaching directly to your account any of the different manufacturers;

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Below and sure you would please, then we give you a cross-section relative to producers and bottlers of the island and in the next section, we will provide also the address information is the same, so that you can visit him.

Wine routes - Canary Islands

Wine routes – Canary Islands

Wine routes the Lentiscal a good wine Canary

The cellars

18 wine cellars bottle currently under the control and labeling of the Regulatory Council of the DO Gran Canaria, distributed in 11 of the 21 municipalities. There are some other manufacturers but they are off-label for marketing and distribution.

  • Bodega Ansite (Santa Lucía)
  • Bodegas El Rincón (Fataga)
  • Bodeguilla El Solapón ( Artenara )
  • Mogaren (Valsequillo)
  • Vinos de Juan Ingles (Telde)
  • Viña Tabaiba (Fataga)
  • Bentayga (Tejeda)
  • Bodega Hoya Chiquita (Santa Brigida)
  • Fronton de Oro (San Mateo)
  • Tigayga (Teror)
  • Viña Angoa (Las Palmas de GC)
  • Viña Talayón (Fataga)
  • Bodega El Eucalyptus (Telde)
  • Bodega La Montaña San Mateo)
  • La Orilla (Telde)
  • Caserío El Vino (Fataga)
  • Viña Center (Santa Brigida)
  • Porlamar (Santa Lucía)
  • Las Carboneras (Santa Lucía)

Description and addresses of the cellars

Bodega Los Lirios

The origin of this workshop adapted about 120 years. Closely related to the ancient winemaking tradition of the area has recovered ancient vine stocks and integrates more recent, going to draw white wines and red wines of great quality, with the freshness and the personality needed by the consumer in addition to achieving the current definition of a spectacular landscape site at the foot of the volcanic crater of the same bandana characterized by the presence of the oldest golf course in Spain.

Location: Cuesta de los Lirios, 24
Owner: Carlos Díaz-Reixa
Phone: 0034 928 356720/0034 928 661166959
Hectares of vineyard: 9
Number of gallons of production per year: 20,000
dating of 120 years. Is bottled since 2003.
Grape variety: Listán negro, Tintilla, castle, Listán blanco, Malvasia, Moscatel y albillo.
Type of Wine: White and red.
Awards: 2nd prize tintos Cata Insular de Gran Canaria año 2004. 3rd Prize tintos Cata Insular de Gran Canaria año 2005. 2nd Prize tintos Cata Insular de Gran Canaria año 2006.

Bodega Mondalon

It is one of the most prestigious wine shops on the island, having received it in its five years of existence many awards, both locally as regional, and his vocation is totally focused on quality and experimentation (sparkling wines and organic), trying to surprise innovators and demanding palates.
Currently you elaborate red and white wines (criomaceration) and white sweet.

Location: Cuesta del Mondalón, 6
Owner: Juan Manuel Cruz
Phone: 928 356066
hectares of vineyard: 10
Number of gallons of production per year: 35,000
dating activity: 1993
Grape variety Listán negro, Tintilla, castle, Malvasia, Moscatel Listán y blanco.
Type of Wine: criomaceración Blanco, blanco dulce seeds, blanco dulce natural, dyed dyed joven y barricades 6 months.
Awards: 16 awards Cata Insular de Gran Canaria during the years from 1996 to 2006. 10 awards in the contest El Almendro en Flor de los años 1996 Valsequillo during 2005. Finalist with el vino blanco en la XV Concurso Regional de la Alhóndiga en Tenerife año 2002. 3rd Prize blanco dulce natural XXI edición en el Concurso Regional de la Alhóndiga de Tenerife.

Bodega Plaza Perdida

With a magnificent barrel than two hundred years and pieces of antiques, authentic exhibits of the history of wine production in the area, this winery takes us up the mountain Lentiscal origin of the wine. Through a magnificent exercise in adaptation processes have remained more traditional processing, blending them with the incorporation of the technology needed to ensure red and white wines of great quality, distinguished for achieving various awards.

Location: Ctra de los Hoyos, 271
Owner: Santiago Robaina
Phone: 928 355871/659907090
hectares of vineyard: 3
Number of gallons of production per year: 15,000
dating of the basement: 200 años. start bottling operations since 1999.
Grape variety Listán negro, Negramoll, malvasía, Listán blanco y muscatel.
types of wine: tinto joven y Blancos (1 mes en barricades).
Awards l ‘: 3rd Prize tintos en la Cata Insular de Gran Canaria de los años 2000, 2001 y 2003.

Bodega Vina Angoa

In 1996 he founded this small artisan winery located in the area of ​​Tafira, surrounded by palm trees and vegetable crops. The winery collects the philosophy of its owner: the respect for tradition, an expression of the earth and love for things well done. It produces red wines that transmit the know-how and tranquility of our surroundings, all intended for wine lovers, eager to appreciate these features.

Location: Camino de los Pérez, 67
Owner: Máximo González
Phone: 928 352871/676339396
Hectares of vineyard: 0.25
Number of gallons of production per year: 3,000
Dating of the cellar: 1996
Grape variety: Listán nigger.
Types of wine: Tinto.
Prizes: 1st Prize tintos en la Cata Insular de Gran Canaria años 1997 y 2000. 2nd Prize tintos en la Cata Insular de Gran Canaria años 1999 y 2002.

Bodega Monte Bandama

It is a family winery in the course of booming, although the newly created (1999), is devoted to the development of quality wines, converting actually a surprising and daring project in an area of ​​extraordinary sight, strewn with you 150 years old of age. Processes young red wines with limited production, very caring and high quality.

Location: Tablero de Piletas, 1
Owner: Cayetano Martín
Phone: 620290342
Hectares of vineyard: 0.35
Number of gallons of production per year: 800
Antiquities of the cellar: 2004
Grape variety: Listán negro y Tintilla.
Types of wine: Tinto.

Bodega Dominguito

It is a recently built cellar, conveys the illusion of its own to find the origins of the farm, they cultivate the vine and establishment of a quality product in the traditional way in a beautiful area. The commitment of this new wine project with the appearance on the market of its remarkable red wines continues with the winemaking tradition that has given so much luster to this geographical area.

Location: Montequemado, 35
Owner: Jerónimo Trujillo
Phone: 928 711228
Hectares of vineyard: 1.6
Number of gallons of production per year: 5,000
Dating of the cellar: 2003
Grape variety: Listán negro, y Negramoll castle.
Types of wine: Tinto.

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