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Valleseco GC


The rural municipality of Valleseco

Valleseco Hall is an autonomous community of the Canary Islands, in the province of Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria .

The center of Valleseco lies at an altitude above sea level di1000m and the territory of the municipality covers an area of ​​22kmq; 4.166ab live in the municipality (2003 data source Ayuntamiento Valleseco).

The City of Valleseco inland North GranCanaria is one of the richest areas of vegetation of protected species of the Natural Reserves of Gran Canaria

The City of Valleseco inland North GranCanaria is one of the richest areas of vegetation of protected species of the Natural Reserves of Gran Canaria

Barrios Valleseco

The villages or neighborhoods Valleseco are divided into two main areas:

meriodionale Cumbre area or that is the least populated and the northern inhabited since ancient times.

The list of barrios is as follows:

In the lower part of the territory

At the top of City Hall
El Fence
El Lomo

In the West
Barranco de la Virgen
Where is

The City of Valleseco is located in central and northern portion of the ‘island of Gran Canaria and neighboring municipalities are: Artenara, Moya, Firgas, Tejeda, Vega de San Mateo, Teror .

The distance of the center from nearby towns is 7km than Teror and 28Km from the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Territory with many plant species in Gran Canaria

Valleseco literally means valley dry, but its meaning is not applied, it is contrary to one of the wettest municipalities on the island.

His scenario is characterized by deep valleys and cliffs and a rich vegetation of many plant species with more than 80% of the species protected by the Nature Reserves of Gran Canaria .

Also because of its location at 1000m facing north and oceanic disturbances, the profile of Valleseco is often characterized by the presence of clouds, and this type of climate in Valleseco is favorable for the cultivation of potatoes, corn and fruit.
Hiking in Barranco de La Virgen and Barranco Oscuro

The area is characterized by the presence of gullies which are the main two, the Barranco de la Virgen, which bisects the municipality and the Barranco Oscuro .

In this contemplation of peace and tranquility for all tourists holiday in Gran Canaria is still possible and one of the pluses for those who will practice here trekking in the Canary Islands .

In the Barranco de la Virgen there are the remains of an ancient forest that once Laurisilva was to cover the entire island hinterland.

About Barranco Oscuro to note however, that this has been covered in the category of Total Natural Reserve, the highest degree of protection to the Natural Reserves dstinato Islands.

Tourist Office of Gran Canaria Valleseco

If you are leaving for visits to Valleseco, start from its center and the Temple of San Vicente , simple but oldest local building, dating back to 1898 and featured a handsome pulpit and images from the precious historical and artistic value.

Also of the past ‘Office of Tourism Gran Canaria Valleseco located in the heart of the country and where in addition to find interesting information about the Municipality, you can watch a permanent exhibition of handicrafts Coome musical instruments, wooden articles and furniture, traditional Canarian costumes , made ​​by local artists .

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