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Trekking routes in Gran Canaria Island


Gran Canaria island climate ideal for trekking routes

Trekking routes in Gran Canaria Island around the Laurel forests

Trekking routes in Gran Canaria Island around the Laurel forests

Practicing trekking routes in Gran Canaria island is to discover the general climate of the island, divided into three districts bio-climatic, in tune with the terrain or with exposure to the air where prevailing winds of the North East

The part to the North East’s climate is humid and cool originated from the winds that blow from the northeast, that has made possible the preservation of various types of plants and forests of trees that come from the era of the tertiary sector, such as the forest of laurel (laurel) and also allows the development of the farm.

The area of ​​South-West is sheltered from the wind blowing, and therefore, on the contrary it is hot and dry, with vegetation that is adapted to arid climates and includes an abundance of palm trees, plants and patches of Euphorbia Cactus. The tomato plantations have been replaced by the tourist industry that today shapes the economy and lifestyle of the islanders.
Las Cumbres or hiking in the highlands

Finally, Las Cumbres, the highlands or the highlands, reflect the influence of the winds that blow from the North West and are covered with pine forests and a unique endemic flora of this area.

The island of Gran Canaria lends itself to hiking, is a natural laboratory where typical landscapes and microclimates, part of the Canary climate of the area, live in a small scale, confining a few kilometers each other and forging a paradise lost for all nature lovers, try to learn more about the territory of trekking through the pages devoted to it, for example in the area of ​​Mogan in the south east of the island or in the area of ​​walks in San Bartolome de Tirajana in the south of Gran Canaria.

Unique climate, Laurisilva Cumbres and hiking … not to be missed!

Laurel, Las Cumbres and climate ideal Canary Islands, Gran Canaria is the trek … not to be missed, not surprisingly, the island was nicknamed miniature continent and not just a publicity stunt!

It describes well the natural environment reserved for walkers who discover step by step, these territories, even ancient paths.

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