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Trekking in Gran Canaria Mogan


Hiking and trekking in the area of ​​Mogan in Gran Canaria

The territory of the municipality is ideal to plan hiking and trekking Gran Canaria Mogan; located South East of the island of Gran Canaria and covers a portion of more than 172kmq bordered on the north by Tejeda , to the east with San Bartolome de Tirajana , to the west by La Aldea de San Nicolas and south by the ‘ Atlantic Ocean .

The altitude of the city varies considerably starting from sea level and reaching up to 1578mt of altitude in the Massif Inagua where the heads of detectable cracks that separate the region from north to south

The use of the spatial area of Mogan is based on a model in which practice and peasant farms gradually space left by the advent of tourism, and the result of this process is to have one hand natural areas of great value , such as the forest Inagua , on the other hand, areas that have been subject to great transformation by man, this is the case with the development of the coastal tourism industry and bathing.

So today the population of the territory of Mogan is concentrated mainly along the coast, right around and close to the main beaches and around the canyon, while in the center of the area and in the North the population density is very low and varies significantly between areas primary natural and settlements of the municipality.

Trekking in Gran Canaria Mogan area is really an attractive experience, for example in  Inagua

Trekking Gran Canaria Mogan is really an attractive experience, for example in Inagua area

Trekking in Gran Canaria Mogan in the best climate in the world

The climate in the area of Mogan is divided into three different areas , the first of its kind in the sub-humid zone of the massif of Inagua-Alsandra, here in this area, rainfall levels are higher with a moderate excess of water during the winter and a certain lack in the summer, the average temperature in this area is around 17 ° while the average rainfall is 400-600mm per year.

Experience beautiful visits and trekking in Gran Canaria Mogan down the valley towards the coast, we are at altitudes between 600 and 1200mt in the area at the foot of the mountains, the climate becomes more arid and the level of the average annual precipitation falls between 250 and 500mm , and finally in the area including ta the maritime area and up to 600m above sea level, the envronment further dry with no more than 250mm of precipitation a year, while the average annual temperature is around 21 ° C and Summer does not exceed 25 °.

Note that the climate of the area of Mogan was elected by many experts as the best microclimate in the world, hence the area is successfull for planning hiking, trekking also in groups.

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