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Visit the municipality of Tejeda, the heart of Gran Canaria

The municipality of Tejeda is located in the central and northern portion of the island of Gran Canaria and is located at an altitude of 1050m above sea level and covers an area of 103.29 square kilometers and is proposed as one of the natural places to visit in Gran Canaria .

Tejeda has a population of about 2.500Ab. and is the second smallest municipality of Gran Canaria, and is 44Km from Las Palmas, located in the North East, which is the island’s capital and most populous city center in the Canary Islands, the the town of Tejeda is located the highest proportion of ‘whole of Gran Canaria.

Depression surrounding Tejeda is occupied by protected natural areas of Las cumbres, built around a huge volcanic caldera sank.

The monoliths are the symbol of basaltic origin and geology of the island are all around the town hall constituting a real attraction for the visitor, the landscape has been named as the storm petrified.

Tejeda paradise for trekking

Tejeda is also ideal starting point for wonderful excursions trekking to Gran Canaria .

We point out to those who want an authentic travel experience during their holidays in Gran Canaria, which in Tejeda there is a beautiful reception facility, a parador curatissmo called Cruz de Tejeda , as place precisely at the cross of the town of Tejeda, the structure provides, inter alia, fine cuisine and a magnificent view, even more enjoyable by the pool area and spa which overlooks the surrounding greenery.

The contiguous municipalities of Tejeda are the following:

  • Artenara
    La Aldea de San Nicolás
    San Bartolomé de Tirajana
    Vega de San Mateo

From Tejeda enjoy excellent walks and here is ideal for trekking practice, as you can see Tejeda Pozo de Las Nieves (Pico de Las Nieves)

Tejeda in the Canary island celebrates a famous festivity named almendro en flor, well known in Gran Canaria

Tejeda in the Canary island celebrates a famous festivity named almendro en flor, well known in Gran Canaria

Holidays Canary Romerías in Tejeda

Feast of the Virgin of Nuestra Señora del Socorro

Calendar of events and festivals Canary celebrated here in Tejeda, is rich in the period of September, when they celebrate the festivities ( Romerías or Fiestas Patronales) in honor of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora del Socorro , a procession of devotees felt very is celebrated on the main streets of Tejeda and at this time the faithful parade with traditional clothes, offering local products.
Festa de la Polvajera

This festival is the celebration of the Carnival during the month of March, when it assembrano many people wearing typical clothes in white and wearing a sombrero on his head palm.
The Feast of the Almond Blossom (Almendro en Flor)

Among other popular festivities, important is the feast of the flowering almond tree , which is celebrated in the month of February, during which time the almond trees bloom in fact flood the landscape with their white colors heralding the arrival of spring.

The traditional festival of the almond blossom festival is recognized as one of the most seductive and things to the island of Gran Canaria, during this time of celebration of form and expression are the most characteristic elements and folklore canario large, raised through extraordinary costumes.

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