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Playa Ingles is Gran Canaria holidays


Playa Ingles is a symbol of fun in Gran Canaria

Playa Ingles is commonly known in the abbreviated form of family and “Playa del Ingles”, perhaps because of the clear reference to his audience historic landmark, the English, who is still with Germans and Scandinavians representing the largest public visitor to the town more tourist south of the island of Gran Canaria .

Despite the considerable size, the city is part of all’ayuntamiento of San Bartolome de Tirajana , the largest after the capitol of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
The urbanization of Playa del Ingles shares the same stretch of sand, the beach of Maspalomas , a town in the western province of Gran Canaria Las Palmas.
Where is Playa del Ingles
Playa del Ingles is located east of the dunes of Maspalomas (in the direction of ‘ Gran Canaria Airport ) and about 20 ‘by car, taxi or shuttle will reach the airport in Las Palmas Gando.
The fortunes of this city strong tourist vocation is inherent in its geographical location, safe from the perils of bad weather and oceanic disturbances in a subtropical setting that makes excellent temperature and humidity throughout the year.

Playa Ingles attracts a moltitude of vacationers on holiday in Gran Canaria

Playa del Ingles attracts a moltitude of vacationers on holiday in Gran Canaria

Playa del Ingles attracts a multitude of people on holiday in Gran Canaria
Clubs and nightlife
Playa del Ingles is enriched by many “greedy” hiking opportunities for leisure and entertainment , and is loved not only by children and young people for its intense nightlife, but also to a wide audience and adults.
Fun in Gran Canaria, Playa Ingles passes by.
When you arrive here, in the heart of the South, existing spaces are really available to all, thanks to the presence of several shopping centers and tiendas for shopping at affordable prices, which make use of tax benevolent, there are no taxes to the Islands, but instead only a local tax replacement tax schiamata general trade, with a rate of 5%.

Playa del Ingles is the city symbol of fun in Gran Canaria, with its extremely wide beach that leads to the Dunes of Maspalomas
Among the beaches canary most gifted

Playa del Ingles is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands ;
is certainly one of the most extensive and appreciated by its guests, confirms the massive presence of the public during all seasons of the year, making it surely one of the most popular and lively Gran Canaria and the beach of Playa del Ingles is not only extended, but also well equipped.

Playa del Ingles is symbol of fun and sun in Gran Canaria island, with the extension of his beach wich drives to Maspalomas Dunas

Equipment and services of excellence

One of the strengths of Playa del Ingles is certainly to own equipment, facilities and exceptional service, the beach of Playa del Ingles is accessible to everyone, even people with disabilities, being devoid of architectural barriers;
also in Playa Ingles (as in almost all the beaches frequented), the shower free public services are widespread, thus facilitating the swimmers to clean up at the end of the day.
A melting pot of races
The beach of Playa del Ingles houses a variety of very different people together, to master and source (public Germans, English, Scandinavian, Spanish, French and Italian), the public Playa Ingles includes visitors from different interests: surfers , kite surfers, joggers, groups of young people, couples (heterosexual and homosexual), ever green, nudists.
The long and wide beach of Playa Ingles, at the most distant and secluded area they stop the surfers and waves ( surfers ), just off the beach area dedicated to total tranquility and relaxation (area devoted to nudism ).
Many opportunities
Take a vacation Playa del Ingles, in the territory of Maspalomas, is a source of opportunity, very large; here who wants to live intensely their holiday, it may take on this beach endless days of sun, fun and pleasure, with a sea (which Although ocean), with depths not betray very steep, but on the contrary it is quite degrading and in the first section has a shoreline that allows easy bathing a little to everyone, including children, on condition of paying attention to the motion of the sea species in afternoon.

The walk to the dunes of Maspalomas

A passion that involves all a little once they arrive in Playa del Ingles , is to create endless walks from one end of the beach, at least until you get close to the dunes of Maspalomas and this is a very common practice among both tourists as well as locals, it is curious to observe an endless parade of people (especially in the morning and at dusk), moving from one side of Playa Ingles.
Note that right on the beach, at the beginning of urbanization of Playa del Ingles and then follow up to San Agustin , there are plenty of bars, restaurants and pizzerias (even with good Italian pizza) and even a Churrasco Argentino Steak House Grill, always with great prices and a wide choice of different menus, trying to satisfy the needs of an ever so varied.

The widest selection of hotels on the island

If you are looking for lodging availability in abundance, then come to Playa Ingles and do not regret it, in this locality, the range of offerings is able to satisfy the tastes and expectations of a very large audience and differentiated by type, taste, origin.
In town you can find apartments , aparthotel. bungalows, hotels and luxury hotels , everything but everything, even according to your budget! From little more than € 100 per week up …
In short, a holiday in Playa del Ingles is extremely affordable for all, and with convenient direct flights to Italy and Gran Canaria.

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The walk to the dunes of Maspalomas

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