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Playa Ingles city


Since 1962, Playa Ingles is the greatest tourist center of Gran Canaria

Undoubtedly the center of Playa Ingles , is the most developed tourist spot in the south of Gran Canaria .

Located within the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana (the largest municipality on the island), Playa del Ingles with the largest number of inhabitants of the 52,000 total surveyed from the official data of the municipality.

Playa Inglés is the fun as well as Maspalomas is the natural attractions of its large dunes, in the fact Playa Ingles city is the largest European center holiday, second only to Benidorm. The town is the ideal place for nights out, to have fun with friends and still searching for a lively seaside resort and night.

During the summer onwards, the legendary nightlife of Playa Ingles is enlivened by the presence of a large number of young people aged between 18 and 30 years , while in winter there is a population cross, from the point of view of the nationality of origin, although as already seen in the article on the beaches of Gran Canaria, the average of the tourists coming here is of northern European origin.

Playa del Ingles was built from the year 1962 with the intention to accomplish here a town dedicated to the exploitation of tourism and second homes dedicated to the holiday. Since there are shopping centers, hotels and in general structures for the hospitality of any kind, such as residences, apartments and complexes with gardens, but also houses a plan.

Today, the reality has changed and in Playa del Ingles alternates the presence of residents to that of second home owners, of course next to the vacationers, which is why today it is often very difficult to distinguish the origin of the individual, as it is created in the decades an amalgam of people from a diverse and united only dall’accomunanza a well-tanned skin tone, due to the presence of a bright sun all year round.

Next to the traditional tourism is also to be noted that, especially during the winter months there is a large gay community and gay men who meet here, starting as early as the 80s and 90s, choosing the location to major point of reference at European level.

Sun, sea and even culture in Playa Ingles city

Relevant evidence also, that in addition to aspects of sea life and nightlife, the destination of Playa Ingles city is also the protagonist of a significant share of cultural activities;

between these surely deserve a worthy mention the Festival of Contemporary Dance , who was born here starting as early as 1996 through the initiative of a choreographer and teacher (Natalia Medina), with the contribution of the Chancellery of Culture of the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and thanks to the ‘ Universidad Internacional de Verano .

Note on the above Festival, which since its sixth edition, has acquired more and more the size of an event of international character, benefiting also from the participation of the protagonists of the world scenario.

Templo Ecumenical in Playa Ingles city

Templo Ecumenical in city of Playa del Ingles

In Playa del Ingles architectures are also worthy of mention as the Ecumenical Temple located in Piazza Maspalomas , but also home to the Tourist Patronage which is normally scenario shows or official ceremonies.

So much shopping and a wide range of services in the city

You may notice a lot of commercial buildings also known as the Jumbo Centre and the offices of the Post Office of Maspalomas, Mercury inside the building as well as a lot of restaurants, bars, shops and supermarkets that protracted economic times in their form continued until the night at 23:00.

The selection of city services does not end here, with a wide range of proposals and utilities that include, among others clinics and private doctors, lawyers, motorcycle and car services and taxis at will at very competitive prices .

In conclusion it should also be noted that in recent years, the style of holiday in Playa Ingles city has gradually decreasing in favor of extending the tourist and new concepts of holiday you are progressively established (eg wellness holiday, sustainable and experiential), which have led to the development of new places in the area such as Maspalomas and the urbanization of Costa Meloneras, although that does not have a beach, is equipped with very modern facilities, open spaces and also to a tourism often end higher.

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