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Mogan: a day in the “Little Venice”

The last significant and well-known beach of the south coast to the west consists of Playa de Mogan , located a few miles over Puerto Rico (always in the municipality of Mogan ), which is connected along a stretch of coastal road called GC500, from Puerto Rico Then, you can access the junction with the GC1 motorway and dual carriageway dual carriageway (two lanes in each direction), although no tolls; along the GC1 is easy in about 1 hour to get to the town and Las Palmas Gran Canaria .

Marina of Puerto de Mogan and links

In addition to the road, Puerto de Mogan is connected to neighboring countries by sea, by a ferry line which as a landing marina of Mogan, For the most part characterized by the presence of pleasure boats and small yachts from various nationalities ( even overseas).
Puerto de Mogan is surrounded by mountains and has a large number of hotel hospitality businesses (about 3 in all), although welcome tourists offering them a significant number of beds in a variety of apartments for rent.

The streets of Puerto de Mogan in the south of Gran Canaria

The streets of Puerto de Mogan in the south of Gran Canaria

The streets of Mogan in the south of Gran Canaria

Great place for hiking in Gran Canaria
It ‘should not miss a’ tour here, as Mogan is really a very pretty fishing village, well kept and original architecture reminiscent of other popular destinations, to the point earned the nickname of ” Little Venice “, although the comparison seems quite risky and result of an expert on the works of destination marketing, it is advisable to spend a few hours of their holiday in this atmosfera elegant and a little seamanship.

Hotels and restaurants in Mogan

Collected in the maritime context of Puerto de Mogan , of course cafes and restaurants there and walking through the alleyways colored with paint, crayon, feature terraces and balconies with bright blooms and fragrant, is by itself stop at one of the local outdoor overlooking the marina.
Despite being a center crop, there is still availability of shelters and hotels, such as Puerto de Mogan, very nice and in the center (in the harbor).

The legendary blue marlin  fished in Mogan Gran Canaria

The legendary blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) fished in Mogan in the south of Gran Canaria

Boating and fishing Gran Canaria

In the port, as well as boats for the practice of fishing in Gran Canaria , there are daily departures for sea excursions to discover the fishy waters of this coast, maybe in a different way and some original, since it is also possible to exit on board a yellow submarine or book output in the open sea for fishing the legendary blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) , the elusive and fast flying fish.

The waters of the Blue Marlin is a strong attraction for lovers of fishing Gran Canaria departing from Port of Mogan

Relax on a collection and repaired playa

But Mogan is also very pleasant to spend a “descanso” in its sandy beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, a pleasant relaxation in this sheltered playa Canaria, helps to blend the curiosity to know this beautiful resort, with the demands of life ” from the beach. ”
The sand that characterizes the beach is not local, but from Africa (not carried by the trade winds!) and comes from the Sahara desert.

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