Guida vacanze sull'arcipelago Canario: informazioni tempo libero, sport e spiagge gustando la cucina tipica tra le sette isole Canarie. Google

Leisure activities and fun in Gran Canaria


Leisure activities, theme parks and fun in Gran Canaria

One wonders how the fun in Gran Canaria  and its leisure activities;

the island, while the third dimensionally within the archipelago of the Canary Islands, is the one with the highest density of population, why is stored in the ideal conditions of life within itself and plenty of opportunities for everyone.

Even at the level of leisure possibilities there, you can wander the many clubs, bars, disco pubs, discos of Playa Ingles and Las Palmas, as far as the numerous opportunities described in other sections, such as the possibility of practicing sport, stay in contact with nature, take boat trips, relax in modern spas, shopping and also the possibility to use their free time inside of the many amusement parks , suitable for children and adults for nature lovers the sea, animals, scenic settings and spectacular.

Leisure activities Sioux city Park Theme in Gran Canaria

Sioux city Leisure Park Theme in Gran Canaria

The search for the contact with nature Canaria

In addition, of course there are also many other options, depending on your type of interest and how you would like to use your free time, and as regards the matter we suggest you consult our articles related to nature, if the discovery of places very characteristic and suggestive (of which the island is very rich), to explore or maybe go walking is one of your goals, then click in depth the theme of nature in Gran Canaria .

Roque Nublo and Teide Nature view in Gran Canaria island at Canary

Nublo and Teide Nature in Gran Canaria

Excursions in Gran Canaria to new places renowned

If however you want to spend your free time, maybe get to know new locations or landmarks you’ve always heard of, but which have not yet had the pleasure of meeting in person, then we invite you to view the information to learn about popular destinations such as Maspalomas in the south of the island, also useful to undertake many excursions in Gran Canaria .

Beautiful places Gran Canaria San Bartolomé

Beautiful places Gran Canaria San Bartolomé

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