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Valverde is the capital of El Hierro in the Canaries Western

Valverde Hierro (Canary Valverde) is a municipality headed by the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and lying on the Canary island of El Hierro Valverde of which, located in the North East is the capital .

The geographical position and altitude of the city are such that, at an altitude of 571m above sea level, often a blanket of clouds accumulates in the sky above the village carried by trade winds and determines a climate wetter.

Valverde is the only capital island whose suburbs is not on the beach and is also the capital of the island’s westernmost and sundial.

Among the cities in El Hierro , the municipality of Valverde is the most densely populated with a population of 5035ab (source: INE Gen.2010), spread over an area of 103.65 square kilometers, a population density of 48.58 inhabitants / km ² .

Valverde is the capital of the island of El Hierro in the province of Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands West

Valverde is the capital of the island of El Hierro in the province of Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands West

Ferries and flights on El Hierro Valverde capital

As regards the sea links with the Canary Islands , as well as domestic air, Binter Canarias and ferries as Fred Olsen  and Transmediterranea are available for fast and cheap connections .

List of links land and sea in El Hierro Valverde

Coop. Insular de Transportes de Viajeros de El Hierro – C / San Juan s / n – Tel 922551175
Transmedietrranea – C / Doctor Dolkosky, 1 – Tel 922550129
Puerto – Puerto de la Estaca , 10 – Tel 922550905
Fred Olsen – Puerto de la Estaca – Tel 922551424
Grupo de Taxis – C / San Francisco, 1 – Tel 922 55 07 29Stazione sea – Tel 922550905

With regard to both the El Hierro flights that ferry connections, both infrastructure and port of La Estaca airport Valverde, are located in this municipality .

Celebrations in El Hierro

The feast of the Virgen de los Reyes , the patron saint of the island, is celebrated in Valverde every four years through a procession parading along the island from one end to the other.

This typical Canarian party , for a period of nearly a month, the Virgin remained in the capital kept inside the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción .
El Mirador de La Peña

Among the most important buildings that are headed by the municipalities, we find El Mirador de La Peña , a structure located on the territorial limit of Valverde, located at the eastern end of El Risco de Tibaje, near the block of Guarazoca and Camino de la Peña ;

El Mirador de La Peña is a unique place in terms of landscape, located at 700 m above sea level, is an architectural work of the famous and variously quoted in various articles César Manrique , who took charge of designing the building and its grounds early 80s .

Holidays in Valverde El Hierro

If you plan holidays to El Hierro Valverde , do you think this place very charming, and very far compared to our way of life, quiet and in a scene from the dominant nature and wild .

For your holiday in El Hierro so expect relaxation, trekking (the most beautiful in the Canary Islands), buceos (diving centers diving at the renowned El Hierro) and knowledge of the traditions Islands (Feasts, Romerías) away from the chaos .

Also, note that for any emergency is also available in Valverde among hospitals in the Canary Islands , a hospital with the following availability: Hospital Nuestra Senora de Los Reyes – C / La Constitución, 29 – Valverde – Tel 922552990.

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