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Guide to island of Fuerteventura and its great beaches

The growing demand determines the importance of a careful guide Fuerteventura, the second largest island of the ‘Canarian archipelago;

The island of Fuerteventura with Lanzarote , Canary Islands form the East, or the Canary Islands are closest to the African coast and Morocco, as the other islands of the archipelago, Fuerteventura enjoys a subtropical climate, being the 28th parallel, such as Florida and Hawaii .

Capital of ‘island is Puerto del Rosario, with 35702ab (source: INE, 2010), strategic industrial center and port (connection to Gran Canaria and Lanzarote).

The surface of the ‘island of Fuerteventura is 1.660kmq for 101,000 inhabitants, being the unusual island wide and the oldest of the Canary Islands, comparing it to Gran Canaria or Tenerife populous, low population is evident, however, for morphological reasons they decided that this island from the beautiful playas, was discovered only with tourism.

The Dunes of Corralejo is a classic when you think of what to visit in Fuerteventura

Among all Fuerteventura beaches, Playa de Cofete is a wonderful huge beach, surely one of the best Canary islands beaches

Playa de Cofete in Fuerteventura is a wonderful huge beach, surely one of the best Canary islands beaches


The territory of the island of Fuerteventura has an elongated shape and volcanic origin, the island has an arid, little green, shaped by thousands of years of volcanic eruptions, and its topography, ie the elevation profile, is quite regular, without significant mountains;

The ‘unusual and almost lunar environment makes trips to Fuerteventura unique, giving the feeling of a holiday in a distant world.

These characteristics have made Fuerteventura historically less livable and with little activity, related eg. in industry and agriculture, developed less like the demographics, the recent advent of mass tourism and the progressive filling of the nearby Gran Canaria and Tenerife, have led to the boom in travel to Fuerteventura, and even the Italian public appreciates for their holidays.

Territory and cities in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura belongs to the eastern province of Las Palmas its capital.

The territory of Fuerteventura is divided into 6 municipalities, divided into fractions sixty-seven (we would say), ie smaller urban settlements.

  • Antigua
  • Betancuria
  • La Oliva
  • Pajara
  • Puerto del Rosario
  • Tuineje

Climate and playas on ‘island Fuerteventura

The climate in Fuerteventura, 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and an area rich in playas unparalleled in the entire archipelago of the Canary Islands, making it a unique island, with over 155km of playas paradise (over 150).

Fuerteventura is a jewel of nature and therefore makes use of protected areas and incredible expanse of sandy beaches purest, the Fuerteventura Playas), so beautiful that it seems that most Caribbean oceanic in Fuerteventura there are 50 km of fine sandy playas clear! But the variety is astonishing, with many beaches and typical volcanic lava rock for about 25km.

Another strength of the tourism on the island are the temperatures benevolent, and the weather and temperatures in Fuerteventura are always pleasant, rarely below 18 ° C, maximum temperatures are mitigated by the temperatures are mitigated due to the presence of the trade winds that contain the temperatures slightly above 24 ° C.

The first tourist hotel of ‘island was built in ’65, followed by the construction of the’ airport of Fuerteventura El Matorral, which marked the birth of a new era for the entire island.

Gastronomy Canaria, fishing cheeses and Aloe Vera

With its pleasant climate, fruit and fishing are excellent resources: arrived on the island, we recommend the palate with exotic fruits! Island Mango, papaya, avocado, plantains (bananas) grow naturally.

About food Canaria, here are excellent fish oceanic sword, amberjack, barracuda, grouper, bream more, cod, sea bass and delicious goat cheese Majorero (Majorero goat is a symbol of Fuerteventura), specialties of the traditional pastoralism; then do not miss the sauces Mojo Rojo, Mojo Verde and jams with cactus or palm honey.

Aloe Vera is a plant typically Canarian and omnipresent, the plant aloe vera was known here since ancient times to the natives Guanchi, for the amazing emollient and healing (seven times more powerful than that of our body) but also healing the digestive system (at low doses), and today is used as a base for face and body beauty creams and massage muscles.
Links and streets

The links on ‘island of Fuerteventura are as efficient as for all other connections in the Canary Islands, and there is a modern international airport.

Fuerteventura Airport (IATA code Fue), is called El Matorral and is about 7.5 km from Puerto del Rosario.

The lines of communication are modern (even outside the capital Puerto del Rosario), the ridge of the island, runs from the North (Corralejo) south (Morro Jable), the peninsula of Jandia (South) is also served by dirt roads, which lead in playas isolated and to reach them is advisable to rent off-road motorcycles or quad.

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