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The Gofio


What is gofio

Since ancient times, mankind has prospered thanks to a diet based on cereals and even today they are often basic in the diet of many people.

Gofio is a product obtained by grinding in stone mills, previously toasted wheat cereal, instant food is a high degree of digestibility and this food has always been an integral part of the diet of Canarian population, since the time of its first inhabitants , the indigenous Guanchi to accompany every meal.

Gofio may in fact be present in almost every dish, starting from the first breakfast with milk, sprinkled over the potatoes or casseroles of fish stock in the form of bread (balls or dumplings), but also as a dessert (ice cream gofio, mixed with honey, warm and with dried fruit).

The types of cereal used for obtaining the gofio, are very different between them and the gofio is healthy because it is devoid of dyes that of preservatives, with a high value of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and C.

The Canarian gofio and the piedra molinera

The Canarian gofio and the piedra molinera

Gofio today

No doubt the eating habits of the inhabitants of the Canary Islands, have changed a lot and this has meant a reduction in the volume of consumption of gofio so typical of the Canary Islands , but it has still remained to mark an ancient tradition.

Today the gofio canario is obtained by machining processes highly technological, very different from those represented by the use of the stone of the grinder, and this also in order to obtain final products of quality which in addition to the nutritional aspects, also ensure the hygiene standards required.

Gofio like foods DOP

The Regulatory Council of Gofio (the supervisory body designated to protect the product and its quality certification), offers all kinds of information required on the product. Currently the Consejo, is fighting for the attainment of “Geographical Indication Protegida Gofio Canario” (a process similar to that obtained from our PDO, or of protected designation of origin).
Nutritional aspects

Gofio is a highly nutritious and rich in minerals, containing iron, zinc, magnesium, and with a high intake of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3) and C in addition to this gofio wheat has a low caloric value (365 Cal/100gr), lower than that of corn, in virtue of its even lower fat content.

Gofio is also an excellent food in the diet of infants, those in the age of development, but also more generally in all those subjects which require a power supply with a good supply of energy to face the day.

Then gofio good at all!

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