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Tabaiba plant


Tabaiba Princess Tabaiba or Euphorbia?

Many of those returning from a trip to the Canary Islands, will certainly have had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the name Tabaiba;
certainly one of them, simply because they have stayed in many structures that carry this name, for example in Gran Canaria Maspalomas, the Tabaiba Princess, located just behind the famous African Great Sand Dunes in the south.

Tabaiba plant, typical plant at Canary island, popular also in famous places like Maspalomas, Corralejo and TeideTabaiba is a typical plan from Canary Islands

The Tabaiba sweet and quiet is actually a shrub up to two meters of gray trunk, much branched from the base, a common plant in the Canary Islands , as it grows in well-drained soils and sandy soils typical of the archipelago, although the origin typical of this plant is tipodi Southern Africa.

Plant Tabaiba typical of the Canary Islands

The botanical name of this plant is flowering plants and belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae , the plant has a duration of Tabaiba perennial and although it may look like a cactus, in fact, the kind that is included has a diverse variety which in some cases may resemble cactus but without being one.
The Tabaiba is well suited to the climate of the Canary Islands, of the sub-tropical, although scientifically it is described as coming from the tropics.
It has no flowers and in general the species to which it belongs is often used as a plant for apartment, of course, since the origin is a kind of plant that requires a lot of light and it is very resistant to high temperatures, is a strong plant and therefore not in need of care Particular.
The propagation of this plant is by seed and thus it is clear that with the constant presence of the trade winds and sometimes even the Calima, a chance to meet the Tabaiba the Canary Islands is quite common.
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