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Orotava excursions


City Canary here is what to visit in Tenerife Orotava

For those who are looking for a beach holiday but plenty of trips to the Canary city , here’s what to visit in Orotava Tenerife , suitable place for a thousand trips;

the municipality of La Orotava is not only to serve as a base for many excursions, for example to do many activities such as trekking Teide , has itself a very pretty “Villa” (town center), noted for various works including the Jardines Victoria and the Casa de Los Balcones .

Visiting the city in the Canary Islands, do not miss the Gardens in Victoria Orotava, beautifully flowering to visit with the House

What to visit at La Orotava fine city at Canary: Orotava excursions always include a visit to Victoria jardines, beautifully flowered to visit together with the house

Victoria Gardens Tenerife

Unique to the Canary Islands, the Victoria gardens Tenerife were built by the French artist Adolph Coquet in the course of 1800 which gave him an eclectic style.

The Victoria Gardens surprise every visitor pursuant to the order and the accuracy by which took place the location of each element.

The garden is El jardín that is forming a hill in stages and can rely on a multitude of precious flowers arranged intermittently and all colors.

Los Jardines del Marquesado de la Quinta Roja or “Jardines Victoria” were designed in order to accommodate the Pantheon of Diego de Ponte, the Marquis of Quinta Roja.

Visiting La Casa de Los Balcones

The Casa de Los Balcones is a building located in the historic town of Orotava, the 1600 architectural gem, the facade and the interior conform into one of extraordinary harmony together also outside urban areas.

And ‘one of the complex craft of great value and importance of the’ Canarian archipelago and teaching center for learning and dissemination of local and general.

The Gofio and the “Ruta de los Molinos” (the way of the Mills)

La Orotava could benefit from a network of Watermills significant consists of ditches and raised wooden arches of stone and mortar and the water used was the one that ran from the top to the bottom of the city.

Function of the mills was to grind Gofio , fundamental traditional dish for local food and supporting element of gastronomy Canaria and this part of Orotava became a real industry Gofio.

Thirteen mills (actually twelve plus a sawmill) originating, are preserved only three are working, with the use of new technologies instead of water. You can find Gofio wheat, maize (Camillo), and dietary mixture.

List what to see in Orotava

For those who love a more detailed understanding, we include below a further list of what to see in Orotava , works, monuments, and other facilities:

  • Liceo de Taoro (Town Phalanstery de Taoro or large building with a function to accommodate a large number of people).
  • Plaza de la Constitucion (known in earlier times as Plaza de la Alameda), is known to the locals as Piazza del Quiosco (due to the presence of a kiosk in the center portion thereof) or “de Anita” for the sale of tobacco and popular sweets in his side.
  • Iglesia de la Concepcion (National Monument), built during the second half of the century XVIII.
  • Hospital de la Santisima Trinidad and the Church of San FranciscoIglesia of San Juan Bautista, located in the barrio (neighborhood) of Farrobo became a parish church in the town of Arriba from 1,681.
  • Iglesia San Agustin and former Convento de Nuestra Senora de Gracia (House of Culture). Church and former monastery of Santo Domingo de Guzman. Convent today the building has become home to the Museo de Artesania Hispanoamericana.
    Mansions divided in the center and between which may include those of Lercaro, Mesa, Zarate-Machado, Monteverde, Ponte y Franchy.
  • Palacio Municipal (seat of the local government of the municipality)
  • Casa de Torrehermosa.
  • Colegio San Isidro, founded by Father Nincandro Gonzalez Borges and run by the Salesian Fathers
    The Hijuela aclimatacion the Jardin de Botanico.Plaza Franchy de Alfaro, known at the popular level as “del Llano”.
  • Plaza de San FranciscoPlaza de Casanas.
  • Playa de los Patos.
  • Playa del Bollullo.
  • Parque Nacional del Teide – The Teide also falls within the municipality of La Orotava, the largest island and the Teide National Park is the oldest park and extended the Canary Islands and is the most visited, thanks the presence of her top, the highest in Spain.

So do not miss the opportunity to visit Tenerife Orotava seeing with his works, his gardens, the mills and the Casa de Los Balcones, is really a cross-section different from the usual beach life, but certainly very pleasant and satisfying to complete with other experiences such as trips to the Canary …

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