Guida vacanze sull'arcipelago Canario: informazioni tempo libero, sport e spiagge gustando la cucina tipica tra le sette isole Canarie. Google

Map of Canary island


Know where is each single island on the map of Canary islands

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As you can see from the general map of the archipelago Canary , their location the frames off the coast of southern Morocco , lying in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean but at a distance of a few nautical miles from the Moroccan coast.

A useful map to get more exact ideas between every single distance

Given that the island of Lanzarote , is generally the most eastern archipelago is next to Morocco, but even closer to the African coast is in the south of Fuerteventura, which is located at a distance of about 130km from the coast therefore easily accessible through maritime connections via ferry, sailing from the port of Puerto Morro Jable and headed Tartaya on the Atlantic shore of Morocco.

The map of Canary islands as seen from a satellite view

Canary islands map from a satellite view

Use Map of Canary islands also for internal flights to each islands

Plan your excursions form east to west with the air connections from the Canaries offered by fellow local Binter Canarias are also another easy way to reach the cities of Morocco for those wanting to take a vacation Canaria combined with a tour of Morocco.

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