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Lanzarote island


Travel Lanzarote – Playas, hotels and travel informations on Lanzarote island

Lanzarote is the island of the Canarian archipelago closest to the African coast of Morocco (only 140km).

The modern origins of Lanzarote

Lanzarote owes its name to Lanzerotto Malocello (Lanzarotus Marocelus), navigator of Varazze (Savona) that long before Columbus arrived in the Canary Islands and to all intents and purposes can be considered the discoverer of this magnificent archipelago , occupying the island in 1312, there remained for at least two decades before come away from a rebellion of the indigenous Guanches, inhabitants of the island since ancient times.

Features of Lanzarote

Data on the island, we are told that it has a surface of 806 km2 and is therefore the fourth largest island in the archipelago, and its population is about 140,000 inhabitants .

Lanzarote Canary Islands land of volcanos and Timanfaya

Lanzarote – The Timanfaya National Park (Timanfaya) is the symbol of the unique beauty of Lanzarote Canary Islands

Climate and temperature

The island is characterized by a climate warm and dry even more obvious than the other islands of the archipelago and this is mainly due to the influence of the more pronounced warm winds from the Sahara alternated with Atlantic breezes make low rainfall (about 1200mm / year), with more rainfall in the months of October, January and February, with prevalence in the North West and the massif of Famara (as often happens in the Canary Islands) and the south tends to be more dry, and the general climate framework is particularly suitable for beach holiday with relatively constant temperatures throughout the year with an annual average of more than 21.0 ° C, while in summer the average temperature can be up to 32 ° C (at night is around around 20 ° C), the ‘ winter maximum are hovering between 15 and 25 ° C, down to 14 ° C at night.

Internal connections in the Canary Islands

Arrecife is the main port of the island connected by ferry to Puerto del Rosario ( Fuerteventura ) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ( Gran Canaria ). The internal connections are limited to ordinary bus lines , as in Cuba curiously called ” guaguas . ” You can rent cars and bicycles in various parts of the island to explore it more autonomous and inmaniera andandoa the outside of the standard circuit.
To see

A Lanzarote Canary Islands , in the unusual and stunning volcanic landscape of Timanfaya ( Timanfaya Park ), to see the interesting Geria that are special dry-stone walls, a circular man has made ​​the cultivation of vines in an original way as to preserve and the plants from the wind above these fields the farmer spreads a thin layer of volcanic ash which absorbs the night dew and provides the necessary moisture to the vines and the growth of excellent Malvasia grapes.
Lanzarote Playas

A prominent position close to the beautiful climate is made ​​up of the beautiful beaches in Lanzarote , of particular value and worthy of mention are the white sand beaches of the South Island , including within the Baya Playa Blanca ( Playa Papagayo , Playa Flamingo and Playa Dorada ).

Fruit and fish

As already mentioned for Fuerteventura , including Lanzarote you can delight your palate with good tropical fruit and exotic , such as mango , papaya , avocado and plantains (bananas tropical) up and local products, such as palm honey and jam cactus .

Of course, and as also for the other islands, fishing offers delights can always enchant the palate of anyone, accompanied by excellent wines such as Listan Negro and the typical sauces mojo rojo and mojo verde (spicy sauces and garlic based).

 Aloe vera

Important mention should be the ‘ aloe vera plant with a thousand a healing and therapeutic , here present and widely cultivated, already known in the past by indigenous Guanches who made ​​great use for its known therapeutic and healing as well as for its healing qualities, the plant, however, was well known for other purposes as energy drink tonic and is still the basis for many pharmaceutical formulations care products, soothing and beauty of the body, including after sun!
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