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Canary health holidays


The origins of wellness and health holidays in the Canary Islands

The success of Canary wellness in the extraordinary climate of the Canary Islands , where the mild temperatures throughout the year with cold winters and summers never never too hot, have always been valuable elements at the basis of prestige and positive images from the 1800 vintage in which physicians most important in Europe advised the sick to undertake the journey to these extraordinary islands in search of healing, the signs of the luminaries were all the more commendable as they would take more care in specific types of diseases such as those of origin those of the respiratory and rheumatic. In fact, the healing vacation constituted the first formula of tourist holiday to sweep clear the archipelago of seven islands.

Canary health holidays and wellness in the Canary Islands

Wellness holiday in the Canary Islands

The development of wellness holidays in recent times

The healing vacation was further developed and new diseases requiring periods of stay in these places such as the treatment of diseases of the skin (psoariasi) or the remedy for ailments and diseases more typically modern (exhaustion, stress). Effect of this development so to speak, “premature” of tourism on the islands, the tradition of hospitality and diversified range of offers available to tourists, who through the years and today are really countless tailored to each profile of travelers.

In more recent times then, with the advent of the ITC type of flight or charter flight called the development of tourism on the islands has followed new impulses, which have led to the development and to diversify the types of tourism practicable, with the ‘ extension of the formula healing vacation to other forms of vacation more “soft” we now call wellness or well-being, within a designated, also extremely comfortable and equipped with many optional extras and accessories, from primitive times it can be said that philosophy is a little ‘changed, because it goes beyond the search for treatment and therapy end to themselves, but to indulge further care of your body in general and well-being and the pleasure of the person; although everything regarding the offer in this specific context curative is now much more refined and articulated, preceded by a better analysis phase, followed by the treatment of the various forms of pathology.

Canary health holidays and wellness today

The modern traveler who is in the Canary islands for treatment today, as well as draw on the supply of classical type, the presence of a natural type climate, environmental and landscape ideals, can avail of a wide range of modern basic services and accessories in both medical care, which refers to how living in a broad sense, including many opportunities for fun and entertainment and activities that can be done, it is a kind of virtuous circle in which the arrival of new segments or the extension of tourists existing segments, corresponding expansion and development of the range of offers available and improvement of service standards related to existing activities; consider, for example, the segment of sports, where starting from those who simply enjoy the climate of the islands to practice walking or trekking on foot in the mountains, they arrived to the satisfaction of needs of a wide range of niche sports, such as the practice of the various types of fishing boats which requires the existence of suitably equipped and well-off users, consider, for example the famous fishing blue marlin or deep sea fishing, shopping bags niche of the highest segment in the same way as yachting, hiking, pony trekking or golf practice, but also to think less of elite sport as the descent from the mountains, mountain biking, that after many years of tourism development and diversification of the range of offers generated additional skills and further expanded the product range itself.

Wellness in the Canary Islands: why

The entire structure of receptive has adjusted upward in offering a range of additional facilities increasingly wide extended and refined to the point that there are many structures and from four star level who are able to offer wellness services, by integrating its Jacuzzi facilities, circuits Knap, Scottish showers, spa circuits;

think only within its own budget and the individual units, there may be jetted tubs, while next to modern equipment in gyms coexist with modern massage centers with a wide range of accessories and beauty products;

when you think at Canary health holidays never forget that the Canary Islands are a huge manufacturer of aloe vera that grows naturally, as mentioned in other contexts aloe vera in addition to the numerous properties of curative and invigorating is the chemical basis for the creation of lots of products related to beauty , to skin care, protection from the rays of the sun, to scarring;

distributed in the various centers within the islands where available technological solutions within the health welfare centers are very modern (we never forget that the Canary Islands have European standards therefore service levels are quite similar to those we are used at our house), you can also submit for example to aromatherapy, color therapy and thalassotherapy (treatments using sea water).

Being on an archipelago in the middle of the vastness of the oceans, a particular stress when it comes to wellness Canary deserves the Thalassotherapy. Body Treatments Thalasso: from the greek “thalassa” (sea therapy) is a method used since ancient times to regain vigor, health and beauty. The Thalassotherapy is an ancient natural remedy very cheap that does nothing but take advantage of the natural healing properties of sea water, its very remote origins date back to the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks, so much so that their use was mentioned by the learned Herodotus, Euripides and Hippocrates, it also provides the use of marine products such as seaweed, sand, mud and other substances extracted from the sea both for therapeutic purposes and for revitalizing treatments, just think that in one liter of water in addition to mineral salts is are several minerals such as carbon, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, fluorine and several others.

The therapy can also include external applications and mud baths or seaweed, seawater baths and special places such as showers, foot baths, swimming pools and walks inside tanks, or the practice of specific exercises immersed in water, the principle of which is based thalassotherapy is the osmosis of the pores of the epidermis, which in contact with water spray, dilate allowing the flow of valuable trace elements, slowly absorbed by the body, the procedure is also integrated by the use of seaweed, with their power antibiotic and antiviral.

Canary health holidays with thalassotherapy has extensive applications in a wide range of various types of illnesses, consider, for example in the fight against various forms of rheumatism or allergic, but also more simply to solve problems or stress to overcome the signs of aging and cellulite.

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