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Gran Canaria, exciting destination in the heart of Canary

Discover Gran Canaria , the southernmost island of the archipelago of the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands that is part of a group of islands belonging to the Macaronesia and is located right in the center of the largest island, Tenerife and the second largest, Fuerteventura .

The island of Gran Canaria is proposed to visitors with an unexpected range of different landscapes, the result of numerous microclimates, and the island is a special place and livable in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean: a real microcontinente.

Pico de las Nieves  symbol of Gran Canaria island

View of Pico de las Nieves to know Gran Canaria in its most genuine aspects

Roque Nublo the symbol of Gran Canaria, on a clear day has a background Teide

Beaches, mountains and cities in a dream island

Every trip here to make your mark in the heart, it is the combination of diversity, rather than a single thing to touch the soul, not by chance you pass by mountains, with the altitude of 1949mt Pico de Las Nieves , in the heart of ‘ island, where (as the name implies) can also peep some “splash” of snow during the coldest periods (albeit of very mild winter …), until the coastal sea level, the portion south and south- west of the island, more crowded and touristy, characterized by an extremely dry climate, almost desert, as also can be seen from the existence of the great Maspalomas Dunes (dunes are composed of Saharan sand, incessant result of the work of the expiry of the trade winds over thousands of years) and the presence of all kinds of cactus, including the ‘ Aloe Vera and Tabaiba …

In Gran Canaria there is a climate always extraordinary , weather conditions are always friendly, and it’s really a pleasure to pull the plug, even for just one week, they can have the possibility to choose from many different types of beaches available in Playa del Ingles, Playa de Las Canteras, Puerto Rico, Playa Amadores, San Agustin, Anfi del Mar, just a few of sandy beaches exist, which allow you to choose from many different types of beaches .

Wellness and holidays

The main island delel Islands East is the ideal solution for any type of business or simply to escape from the most severe winters in Europe, in search of bathrooms and the sun even in the off-season;

once there then the opportunities for leisure are impressive (and certainly do not regret the nightlife of other celebrated destinations), and for a holiday in freedom staying in comfortable hotels or staying in comfortable apartments that to live the pleasant nature of ‘island;

The island is also to be appreciated for a holiday in freedom, but you can also just live for his nature , the Canary Islands and the island in general, are very popular for sports, biking, cycling, mountain biking and many events such as amateur and professional competitions are held in Gran Canaria every year, including running events such as marathons or hiking Islands ( x-trail , TransGranCanaria 2012 ).

Las Canteras Beach the most loved Las Palmas Playa

Las Canteras Beach the most loved Las Palmas Playa

Gran Canaria Las Palmas – Las Palmas is the largest city of the Canary Islands and Gran Canaria Canary Islands

Consulting the many offers, it is easy to understand how this island is the ideal destination for many kinds of tourism, including the extensive range of deals on a vacation spa (spa, wellness centers, medical centers);

by its nature, the island is extraordinarily hospitable and in time this fact together with the solar character of its inhabitants, have won the favor of many visitors who have first appreciated the beauty, then we have become “regulars” and often ended up becoming inhabitants.

Tourism on the island is concentrated in the southern area of Maspalomas and Playa Ingles , but remember the beautiful seaside town GranCanaria Las Palmas , with its 381,123 registered inhabitants in 2008 (about 850,000 of the island) is the largest center Gran Canaria and the principal city of the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria has One of the best micro climates in the world

Gran Canaria has One of the best micro climates in the world as many tourists appreciate during their vacations

The magnificent sand dunes at Maspalomas in the south of Gran Canaria

Hospitality and traditions on the island of Gran Canaria

Cohabitation, hospitality and traditions on the island warmer archipelago.

But before we close this parenthesis introductory dedicated to the island, it is important to note that, despite the mass tourism arrived here at the beginning, starting in the early 60s of the last century, the ‘ island of Gran Canaria has been able to at the same time on the one hand very well and accommodate dynamically changing needs of tourists, on the other hand, however, has not forgotten the origins and identity, the character of this island in the South, is also expressed through the many folk traditions (think example to those evoked by numerous festivities), as well as a tasty food linked to local ingredients (eg gofio, Canarian fish Papagajo) and traditional recipes (such as the sancocho canario, the various mojos or papas arrugadas).

A trip to Gran Canaria is a sort of return to the roots where they can experience the magic of so many sensations that are diluted in life maybe over a long period of time, while here, magically rediscover and savor them one after the other …. maybe well away from the crowds, but still, in a way always very original and very personal.

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