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FAQ Canary Islands – What is the weather and it rains a lot in the Canaries?

This is a question that haunts the dreams of tourists and therefore it is quite recurrent in the agency during conversations with customers, the answer is no, it does not rain so obviously, this is one of the other strengths of the Canary Islands which generally have level of precipitation very low, that element with the mild climate and pleasant all year round, is another factor that militates in favor of tourism and in that time has increased along with economic development, and for those who want to explore this further, aspect of entering into the merits of the annual averages and then the Canary climate and rainfall levels , please check further on this page that we have provided.

FAQ Canary Islands – How should dress with temperatures Canary

The advice on clothing for this destination is to bring more light and very practical clothing, do not forget the sunscreen and bring a lightweight garment for the evening and the coolest hours, along with a light jacket that you shelter from the wind;

in general it is worth understanding how to dress for temperatures in the Canary Islands .

Also advisable to carry a headgear, and a pair of sunglasses, which in addition to the function of filter against the intensity of the solar rays, in certain situations may also be useful for protection from the wind, especially in certain circumstances, such as during a walk by camel through the dunes of Maspalomas (in Gran Canaria ) or between those of Corralejo (in Fuerteventura ).

Faq Canary Islands for better holidays in the mild Canary temperatures, opposite weather of Polo North!

Holidays in the mild Canary temperatures, opposite weather of Polo North!

FAQ Canary Islands – It is very hot in the Canaries?

The Canary Islands is never very hot and this is one of the main advantages of the climate on the islands in proximity to the African continent, and then subtropical position of proximity from the Tropic of Cancer, makes tuttavi the warmer climate during the summer months.

It should be emphasized, however, that the heat is never unbearably hot as the “cloud” formed by the Atlantic trade winds makes it bearable and pleasant climate with mild winters and hot summers ever.

Need a passport? What are the documents required for the Canary Islands

This question may seem trivial to some, it really is a question quite recurrent and sensible, especially in the light of new interpretations in the Canary documents required in accordance with or better homogenization within the EU legislation, even here we reiterate the fact that although the islands appear geographically remote from Europe, made ​​their political affiliation to Spain and, therefore, among the nations that fall within the Schengen Treaty and the European Union, makes for European citizens in the community, including Italians embark sufficient to reach the island simply presenting an identity document valid and obviously for those who wished the passport is considered a valid and for children under 15 years of age is sufficient identity card issued by the White municipality of residence.

Recommend it to anyone not Italian citizens, except those who are in possession of a valid residence permit, accompanied by a passport and / or identity card, check carefully at the appropriate consulate or the embassy of belonging if there are special reasons to ban constraints of obtaining a visa or other requirements within the scope of the agreements between states. Remember also to all foreign citizens to carefully consider this part relating to travel documents as it may determine the rejection at the border.

What language is spoken in the Canary Islands?

Even in this case, someone might smile, but with the question of language Canary is also quite the applicant during the talks at the agency, even if sussurata or on the edge of conversations, so we should be appropriate to repeat it here as well: the official language of the Canary Islands Spanish is because the membership of the islands is Spanish territory.

Are widespread in other languages ​​English, German, Scandinavian and also because there are a large number of tourists and residents from northern European countries, has existed for many years.

The islands and are expensive? How are the prices in the Canaries?

No, the islands are far from expensive and prices Canary prove it. The reasons for this lie in several factors, historical, geographical and cultural.

in a nutshell, we can say that the factors of geography follows a different type of tax treatment adopted by the central government in Madrid against the autonomous territory of the Spanish islands in practice these territories “border”, are subject to a number of benefits type of tax, resulting in competitive advantages for operators and lower costs for users so for tourists;

the reasons historical, derives an early development of tourism as a whole (already aprtire 60s) with a very wide range of offerings and a high number of competitors, such as to result in significant benefits in terms of overall costs by the buyers then the tourists;

reason of cultural finally, behind the adoption of a strategy of economic operators and tourist strongly oriented to meeting the needs of end users (rather than as sometimes happens, exploitation and speculation basic needs of tourists), which translated into terms exemplified means that the operator prefers Canario fidealizzare the customer rather than “squeeze” once and never see him again.

Shopping Tenerife or Gran Canaria?

You can go shopping in the islands such as making shopping in Tenerife or Gran Canaria shopping , taking advantage of the tax benefits of a rate of tax which replaces the VAT reduced to 5% (set general trade) , and in general the items are most profitable to buy such as electronics, perfumes and all of products resulting from the processing of aloe vera, as also pointed out in other parts of the site, even out in the evening, get into clubs, consume drinks , drink a beer, rent vehicles, and do things that normally makes a tourist, is at a very affordable price, that sometimes makes them feel not even be in a country of the European Union.


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