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You can rent motorcycles in the Canary Islands?

In this case the answer is yes, kind of, yes, there are many opportunities to hire motorbikes especially in the capitals of the islands and in general in the most developed tourist resort and the types of motorcycles available, ranging from classic motorbikes and scooters to bikes off-road (much used as an example on the island of Lanzarote and that of Fuerteventura , there is then the possibility of hiring street motorcycles and even the legendary custom. considered for example, that in some cases charterers specialize in off road motorcycles that in some Cases are made ​​available to the special events such as group outings off-road.

You can rent bikes in the Canary Islands?

Yes, there is a wide range of rental opportunities for lovers of the open air sports on two wheels. Possibility of renting are many and include both bikes, and mountain bikes, racing bikes that, both for use by walking, for that if I racing and racing, and for further information about the rates refer to a specific page within the site HERE .

You can rent a quad in the Canary Islands?

Of course! It is possible to rent a quad and also buggy, at least on the main islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria , Fuerteventura and Lanzarote), in this regard it should be noted that you can do guided tours and group, accompanied by qualified instructors who will take you in absolute security to discover places that besides being very exciting from the point of view of the guide will offer you the opportunity to discover the hidden corners within the islands, places that would otherwise be difficult to reach. With regard to this we refer also to insights in a special page within the site HERE . In any case, have fun with prudence and helmet on his head!

Faq Canary Islands for indipendent travellers around Canaries

Faq on how to organize an indipendent holiday in Canary Islands

Which prefix is ​​used to call Italy?

The prefix to use to call Italy from the Canary Islands is the same that is used anywhere outside of Italy, the 0039 to precede the number to call in Italy, including area code, alternatively you can dial +39 to prepend course the number to call in Italy including your area code.

Recall that when you call from a public facility, such as from their room in a hotel, may be required to precede another one, which serves to indicate that you are making an external call to the structure. In the event that you would like to be reached by phone from Italy, for example, by your parents, they must compose the prefix 0034 or +34 to prepend your reference number in Canarian territory.

Faq Canary Islands – What about mobile phone?

Occasionally there is also formulated this question during the interview at the agency, the answer is yes, the Italians are technically capable phones to send and receive calls in Spanish territory thus to the Canary Islands, on arrival at the airport, perhaps already in the landing your flight, you will be met by a message from your service provider partners who will welcome indicating roaming used for your calls. Consider the opportunity to subscribe for any formulas and saving directly with your service provider before departure or directly from Italy, and this will allow you to make calls or send SMS at cheaper rates than you would pay full price.

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