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Canary islands celebrations


Traditional Canary islands celebrations in Gran Canaria island

The most important traditional festivals and Canary islands celebrations in Gran Canaria Valleseco are :

  • The feast of San Vicente Ferrer , which is celebrated every year on May 12, is the most important festival of the municipality as the Patron Saint, on the occasion of this celebration is no different events of music, theater, popular festivals, fairs and exhibitions of painting.
  • La Encarnación – It is celebrated on October 5 and is a public holiday in honor of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación. It ‘also the feast of the apple, the day they are offered to the Virgin of the land. In conjunction with this celebration wine-tasting and competitions En la actualidad from nombre to esta fiesta, the de la Manzana, en la que se celebran, entre otros actos, degustaciones concursos y de comidas Elaboradas with manzana, ferias de artesanía, festivales folklóricos, etc.
  • Other festivals are for example that of San José Obrero celebrated on March 19 in the main center and the feast of Corpus Christi celebrated in June, during which we package walkways and flowers is placed altars with processions through the streets and the city center
  • Valsendero – June 29, feast traditionally celebrated since 1925 in honor of San Luis Gonzaga.
  • Zumacal – July 13 is celebrated one of the liveliest festivals in honor of Nuestra Señora la Virgen del Carmen.
  • Madrelagua – On 3 August we celebrate a holiday dedicated to Santa Rita de Casia, is also the feast of farmers are being implemented acts of commemoration in the daily work.
    Another holiday in Madrelagua is celebrated in mid-February dedicated to the souls, is a feast ancestral called Rancho de Ánimas and ends with a great feast originated as a fundraiser.
  • Lanzarote – On August 24 of each year is celebrated this festival action brought by a vicinal and revolt in honor of Santa Rosa de Lima. During this feast commemorates an old tradition, “Traída of tabique”, which in ancient times was made ​​by Lanzarotenos.

Traditional festivals and Canary islands celebrations in Valleseco as the Canary islands in general are of great importance as they are strongly linked to patron saints, religious festivals, agricultural traditions and local advise everyone to enjoy their holidays in the archipelago, without giving up these opportunities that culminate in exciting popular and folkloric representations where the experience of holidays in Gran Canaria will be exalted .

Fiesta de la manzana one of the traditional Canary islands celebrations observed every year in Gran Canaria Valleseco municipality

Fiesta de la manzana one of the traditional Canary islands celebrations observed every year in Gran Canaria Valleseco municipality

Canarian gastronomy in the Canary islands celebrations

The Canarian gastronomy and local Valleseco is really varied and tasty, mainly based on meat (we are in a city with no access to the sea and to altitude 1000m above sea level).

The main dishes and most renowned Canarian cuisine in Valleseco are based on pork, goat, beef and rabbit, marinated, stews or sauces.

Local specialties are:

  • the ” mojo de cochino “ie pork with typical Canarian sauce
  • goat meat in sauce
  • marinated pork
  • marinated hare
  • beef stew
  • leg of pork roast

Other well-known dishes are:

  • vegetable stew with dandelions collected inloco where they grow in the wild
    coriander soup served with roasted corn and goat cheese
  • Cheese Medianias, well known in all the Canary Islands
  • Gofio of fábrica de San Vicente Ferrer, authentic taste of de Valleseco and well known with a very long tradition .

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