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Calima wind


Calima is the warm wind from the sand Saharan Africa

In the high pressure inside the immense African desert of the Sahara, a wind originates very special whose name is Calima .

This wind blows generally in the direction from south to southeast, but in some circumstances, can blow from east to west, right in the direction of the Canary Islands.

The wind Calima , has similar characteristics to the more common Scirocco (also well known to us), because of their place of origin and the hot component ;

anticipating a depression in the north of the Canary Islands, the Calima goes over them carrying a phenomenon quite unique, consisting of microparticles in suspension of dust, fine sand of Africa.

Calima wind and Trade winds are typical at Canary islands

Calima wind, even if less known than Trade winds is also typical in Canary

Consequences of Calima

The visual effect is the presence of a powder of yellowish color , which in itself does not constitute a problem, but this effect, which is well apparent, however, can determine obvious inconvenience of various nature.

For example, during the movement, move the street is equal to having a thick fog, but is not the only effect, as the fine grain of the powder is such as to cause various other inconveniences, such as the fact that the “fine dust “spill into dwellings (the powder can pass through windows, doors and windows creeping into houses);

but think of the most serious inconveniences such as the possible closure of airports, as the required safety from getting the minimum optimal visibility so that the aircraft is moving (even less than 50m).

Finally, another possible consequence is that which is determined in the respiratory tract in certain circumstances; imagine fact the difficulties to breathe normally in case the Calima, hot wind and damp is associated with drizzle and in these cases the transport suffer serious damage ( paralysis), while the working activities in general have the effect of significant slowdowns.

Although the event involving mostly only certain times of the year, preferably in the winter months, this can become quite important as the creation of a vacuum in the south west of the archipelago, it may increase the intensity as a result and as a consequence wind lifts that push the warm moist air up to high altitudes, and sometimes even at 5000m above sea level;

from the satellite, the phenomenon is also identifiable in its extension, as it is like a huge stain that involves many thousands of square kilometers of visibility zero, even beyond the territories of the Canary Islanders.

The Calima stops in the middle of the Atlantic, although sometimes its impetus is such as to bring it close to the Caribbean .

Just recently, the airport of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has undergone a closure determined by the passage of Calima and this was a cue to tell you about the interesting weather phenomenon.

Calima and big dunes of Corralejo and Maspalomas

Important note among other things, that certainly over the millennia the Calima has been the phenomenon determining the creation of special and unique territories , which are now a major attraction for tourism in the Canary Islands, we think of the Dunes of Corralejo in Fuerteventura and Dunes of Maspalomas in Gran Canaria .

Fortunately, the Calima is a sporadic event and therefore only rarely can affect your holiday tourists , so much so that few of return from the islands had the opportunity to discuss it with friends and family, at least as a problem for their vacation!

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